photo3So here we sit. Our first chemo treatment. I say “our” almost wishing that I could go through it with her. I’ve seriously thought about shaving my head when she looses her hair.

She’s in good spirits– watching her John Wayne DVDs [thanks Chris!] and so excited that they’ve provided breakfast already and lunch is soon to follow. My mom is all about free stuff– of course I’m sure someone is paying for it, hopefully insurance!

It’s 9:40 a.m. and they just started the premeds. We were told they’d start about 8:00 a.m. but I guess they are running behind. I’m already concerned about the quality of care we will receive– seems to be a lot of confusion and arguing between the coworkers, telling each other to “shut up” and stuff like that. Not too professional and quite disturbing! We can only trust the Lord. All is in his control.

The place could use some serious redecorating! It’s so institutional, and the little bit of decorations there are– window treatments and a wallpaper border are that outdated ’80s blue and burgundy. It could be so much nicer and more comfortable. The TV in the cubical next to my mom is playing Sandford & Son– one of my favorites, seriously! Grady is about to get married– it’s hilarious!

We’ve been told that the treatment today will be the longest. I think 5 hours or so. They go real slow the first time just to be sure you don’t have any type of reaction to the meds.  The 2 types of chemo she’s taking for this round of treatments [12 weeks] are Adriamycin and Cytoxan.

The amount of reading material that my mom has been given since her diagnosis is mind boggling! She doesn’t like to read and just hands me everything and says, “Read this.”

There is free WIFI, which is real nice. However, facebook and iChat/Jabber are blocked :/ But I can Blog and work. SWEET!

Saturday we had a big birthday celebration cookout at our house.photo1 The cake, made by Johnathan– a guy I work with at Starbucks, was fantastic and so, so beautiful! It was nice, all the kids were there. However, I battled the beginnings of a migraine part of the day. Fortunately it never turned into a full-blown migraine. I haven’t had one of those in quite a few years.

I was fine yesterday, on my birthday, but today I’m not feeling so hot– maybe it’s just nerves. I took something right away this morning thought, rather than waiting like I did on Saturday– not smart.

We are going camping with Rachel & Chris for the Memorial Day weekend. I’m excited and looking forward to it but it’s been a long time since I’ve been really camping– other than a CFA parking lot, he he he. I’m really having a difficult time getting my brain in gear as to what I’m going to need to take and all.

They are starting the first of the chemo now, 10:10 a.m., and I hate the fact that they are putting this poison into her body to kill the poison that’s already there. Seems so wrong. I so wish this wasn’t happening.

UPDATE: It’s a little after noon now and we are already home. PRAISE THE LORD! Some of the medications they gave her to keep her from having an allergic reaction has made her very, very drowsy, so she is upstairs sleeping 🙂 I’m just hanging out here, getting some work done, until Dad get’s home. He’s gone to measure a couple of places for some window treatments. The chemo treatment didn’t take nearly as long as they said to expect. I guess, like everything else it seems, they just prepare you for the worse. Nausea is the next big thing and could set in as early as tonight and last for up to 5 days. She has a prescription for it that Dad is going to pick up on his way home and hopefully that too will not be as bad as they prepared us for. I think accessing the port was the only really painful part of today’s procedure and hopefully that won’t be a big deal next time– we’ll see. Somewhere along the line though someone said something to make me think that the first time they access it it’s painful, but after that it’s not so much so. I hope that’s true! Thanks for your prayers!!! Continue to pray that she does well the rest of this week. The next treatment will be Monday, June 8.


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