So here we sit, hiding in the Suburban from the rain. We’re camping for the Memorial Day weekend– 4 days. So far the weather has been pretty good– that was up until about 45 minutes ago. A big downpour with wind gusts chased us to retreat to the car [at least the girls]. The guys are being “manly” about it and making sure the tarps don’t get blown away. Sweet of them– it’s a guy thing. Fortunately, just before the storm hit, we had just finished a wonderful dinner 🙂


Today we went hiking and boating.

Dinner tonight, provided by the O’Neals, was YUM-O!IMG_0114 Tomorrow night we are responsible for dinner. They’ve certainly set the bar high.

Rachel also has a Dutch oven and plans to make an apple cobbler.

We had Jiffy Pop and S’Mores last night.

The facilities here at High Falls are pretty nice. I don’t think I’ve ever been here and I do find it a bit odd to be sleeping in a tent when my nice comfy king-size bed is not too far away.

I guess the oddest thing is that just across the road [not park property] there is the High Falls River View Cafe and it seems that just a few weeks ago they’ve started having a live DJ and music that blares into the night from their hugh outdoor deck overlooking the river. This weekend they are having a 4-day extravaganza or something like that. Last night it was quite disturbing! Loud music of all kinds and you could hear the DJ loud and clear. At one point we could hear him hollering, “Y’all stop that fighting… don’t do that now…” or something to that effect. Soon after, the police, an ambulance and a firetruck arrived. We spoke to a park ranger today about the situation and really, because it’s outside the park, his hands are tied. He just suggested if it happens again tonight that we call 911, tell them it’s not an emergency and log a complaint. I suppose if the place gets enough complaints against them they might tone it down. I’m sure last night they had to have been violating some noise ordinance. It was REALLY loud! So unnerving when you think you are getting away to some peace and quiet!

My mom has had 3 rough days. However, I don’t think it’s really gotten as rough as it’s going to get, yet she’s said several times already that if the chemo is going to make her feel this bad she’d rather die from the cancer. :-/ It’s kind of early in the game to start saying stuff like that and it really concerns me. Seriously, it scares me. This is only treatment 1 of 7. She’s never really ever been very sick so she doesn’t know how to handle it. I pray that she will not say that again.

Yesterday I passed the 4th part of my Coffee Master and started on part 5. This is really the last segment as segment 6 is the certification. Part 4 had about 9 coffee tastings. They were fun but a lot of work. I haven’t really had an opportunity to look into section 5 but I don’t think there are any coffee tastings. Next week I work at Lovejoy for 3 days so I don’t know how much of the Coffee Master stuff I’ll get done over there. I’m getting kind of anxious about the certification part as I will be questioned in depth about my Coffee Master knowledge by the district manager. :-/

Tomorrow we will hike more and maybe boat more and who knows what else. It’s relaxing, a nice change of pace and a lot fun! 🙂


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