Well, it wasn’t our best MOA trip but we did make it back [and on the dame day] even after missing several flights.

I went straight to the doctor after our flight landed Wednesday night– well, after I dropped everyone off at home, and guess what? it’s HIVES. I’ve never had hives, don’t even know if I’ve ever seen hives but somehow, somewhere on Saturday or some time I guess I got into something I’m allergic to, IDK. It did make for a miserable trip but I got a painful injection of steroids at the doctor’s office and I’m on meds and things are clearing up– finally! I should of listened to my bff and gone to the doctor on Sunday afternoon. It would of made for a much more pleasant trip. Maybe someday I’ll listen… Maybe…

Still working on part 5 of the Coffee Master program and planning my coffee seminar event for later this summer– really nervous about that!

On Monday I will take my mom for her second of eight chemo treatments. Her hair is falling out now and getting thinner. She has been blessed with a nice thick head of hair so it’s probably taken longer for it to show than for most people. She’s very concerned about how she’ll look without hair but I think she’ll be just as beautiful as ever– beauty comes from the inside not from hair.

On Wednesday she and dad are going to Ellijay to house/pet sit for about a week and a half or so. I pray she can make it. We plan to join them on the weekend for a week or so. I’m looking forward to that.

I will be working back over at Lovejoy some next week. I so wish it were possible to save that store. It’s not a good traffic location but that area needs a Starbucks.

3 new food items of interest I’ve found recently:



The first is an organic all-natural yogurt called Rachel’s. I was immediately attracted by the name 🙂 It comes in a variety of interesting flavors and although I haven’t tried it yet, I plan on trying it soon.

The second is my new “passion” an organic all-natural, fat-free Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is really different– very smooth and creamy.

The third, an interesting cereal I found in the health food section of Publix– notice the name of it: Ezekiel 4:9, that’s what caught my attention about this product. I haven’t tried it yet.

My friend Michelle just sent me this photo of a SBUX in Berlin. Thanks Michelle 🙂 wish I were there with you!



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