My mom continues to do well. Following the first chemo treatment, Monday three weeks ago, she was quite ill on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She had begun taking some Ginger pills the day before treatment but has since read that those need to build up in your body and taking them just the day before obviously wasn’t enough to help with the nausea. This time she’s been taking them for 3 weeks. Plus the doctor gave her a prescription for the nausea that she didn’t have before. The prescription makes her very drowsy, but that’s WAY better that being sick!

She had a lot of plans for yesterday including a dental appointment, a hair appointment [or should I say a non-hair appointment] and the trip to Ellijay which included lunch out with friends. PRAISE THE LORD she was able to do all of that! I think she slept most of the afternoon and has slept a lot of today from what I hear from my dad. I spoke with her briefly and she sounded pretty groggy but like I said groggy or drowsy is WAY better than sick.

Yesterday we attended our brother-in-law’s funeral. He has battled cancer for about a year and a half now and lost the battle. However trite as it may sound, he’s in a better place now and free of pain. I only wish he and my sister-in-law had had more time together and I wish that we has been able to know him better. They only found each other a few years ago and I really believe God brought her into his life for this very moment– I know I’ve written that before but I really DO believe that. He seemed like a really special guy. We met a lot of his family members yesterday and they really love my sister-in-law and that makes me very happy. She’s a really special person too and we also love her 🙂 At the graveside they did the whole Air Force thing with the flag and all and played TAPS. It was very moving. I will continue to pray for my sister-in-law as I know she must have many decisions to make over the coming weeks and maybe even months. I pray that God gives her strength and comfort as well.

Tonight I hope that we are able to do something that we’ve never done before — to pay tribute to a fallen soldier. Staff Sgt. John C. Beale, 39 of McDonough, was killed last week by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. He leaves behind a wife and two children. His body will be flown to Falcon Field in Peachtree City this evening and then be transported via motorcade to Cannon Cleveland Funeral Home in McDonough/Stockbridge. Henry County residents are asked to line the streets from Jonesboro Road and up Highway 42 as the motorcade passes. I get chill bumps just thinking about it and hope that we too are able to participate. I have heard and read today of all kind of groups and people that will be participating including Boy Scout Troupes, school marching bands, cross country teams and more. I hope that his family is part of the motorcade as well and has the opportunity to see and feel the support of their friends and neighbors.

strawberry banana vivanoI worked at Lovejoy on Tuesday afternoon/night and they have the new strawberry juice. They also still had some of the old so I was able to do a side by side comparison of the ingredients. The list of the ingredients on the old box was long and included high fructose corn syrup along with many ingredients I could hardly pronounce. The ingredients on the new box is all-natural, no sugar, no artificial anything and begins with STRAWBERRIES! I’m so excited about it! I made myself a Strawberry Banana Vivano to what I assume will be the recipe — just replacing the orange mango juice with the strawberry and it was very good. Quite sweet! I’m excited about this and all of the other healthy changes that are taking place at the end of the month in the pastry case. I hope to highlight some of these new products at my coffee seminar.


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