Coffee Break: Starbucks Secret Menu


Tired of the same old Double Tall Non-fat Extra hot caramel macchiato? Try some of these off-menu drinks from Starbucks and impress your morning coffee date.

Short anything. The advertised sizes are “Tall,” “Grande” and “Venti.” But anything can be ordered in a less expensive and smaller “Short” size as well. They have official-but-secret prices for all short drinks and everything. They’ve always had it in Japan.

Short cappuccino.
A “Short” cappuccino is closer to the traditional cappuccino drink as it existed before Starbucks invented the practice of adding massive quantities of milk.

Red Eye. Drip coffee with a shot of espresso.

Black Eye. Drip coffee with two shots of espresso.

Ghetto Latte. Don’t say “Ghetto Latte” when you order. Just order an Iced Americano, with no water and half ice, then go to the condiments bar and add a lot of half-and-half. This exact same drink is sold by Starbucks as a Breve Latte, which costs much more.

Ghetto Chai Latte. Don’t say “Ghetto Chai Latte.” Order a Chai Tea Misto with two tea bags, half cinnamon and half vanilla syrup and extra foam. Cheaper than a real Chai Latte.

Cafe au Lait. (Order the Misto without foam for an old French favorite.

French pressed coffee. You can choose any coffee they sell by the bag served in a French press!

Chocolate Cream Frappucino. For those who love chocolate.



1 Response to “Coffee Break: Starbucks Secret Menu”

  1. 1 Karla August 15, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    When you are really tired, we call a drip coffee with 4 shots a “walking dead”.

    We also serve a version of a mocha frapp by halving the syrup between white and regular mocha syrup! yum!!

    Adding cinnamon syrup to a mocha makes a mayan mocha.. also quite yummy & a secret menu item (thanks to my i-touch!!)

    I wnjoy checking in on your coffee tastings… keep up the good work!!

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