Our week in Ellijay is over and we’re headed home – how sad :/

On Sunday, we all had a great time playing on Chris’ new toy. Now we might have to buy a toy as well.

4545_211242805703_774470703_7242042_5937296_nSurrounding the 10 acres owned by the people my dad and mom are house/pet sitting for are acres of trails and logging roads that we explored on the 4-wheeler—some of us explored more than others and have lots of chiggers to show for it.

On Monday, we took a picnic lunch to Amicalola State Park and climbed some 700+ steps from the bottom to the top of the falls + we hiked some trails as well.

4545_211677100703_774470703_7254574_1437357_nWe saw this bear cub. The mother was right behind it. Fortunately, we got out of the welcome center just in time. ha ha ha ha… I bought an Appalachian Trail tshirt at the welcome center gift shop. It’s long been a dream of mine to hike the AT from Georgia to Maine. I doubt it will ever happen, but I can still dream. There’s an 8-mile approach trail to the AT that begins at Amicalola State Park.

On Tuesday, my uncle and aunt came up for the day. The girls, my bff and I went into historic downtown Ellijay, looked around a bit and had lunch at Cantaberry’s. Cantaberry’s is a hole in the wall that was extremely busy – packed, and the food was YUM-O! Tuesday night we had a cookout at what I call “Ellijay farm”. It belongs to some friends of the people my parents are house/pet sitting for [friends of ours now]– a 20-acre farm with chickens, roosters, goats, cows, a donkey, ducks, and several dogs and cats.

On Wednesday I got a rude awakening about 2:00 a.m. when a scorpion in our bed stung me! I was sound asleep and I thought it was a wasp because we had, in the past, seen several wasps in that bedroom. With my glasses off, using the light from my iPhone, I saw something brown crawling across the bed towards my bff. He scurried out of the bed and I thought it quite odd that he scurried so fast since the wasp had already stung me and we all know that they die after they sting you – right? Then, with my glasses on I saw that it was a scorpion. I was quite scared as I knew that some people die from scorpion stings but I was pretty sure [not absolutely, but pretty sure] that that wasn’t the case with scorpions in Georgia. Sill, I thought who knows, I might have some allergic reaction and die — I’ve never been stung by a scorpion before — and you wouldn’t want to have some allergic reaction way out where we were! I was quite shaken up! I took some Benadryl just in case. After getting back to sleep I slept until like 9:30 a.m. with the help of the Benadryl. The whole experience was very unnerving!


The other thought I had was about this cheesecake. Rachel made it Wednesday afternoon and we were to have it for dessert on Thursday night. I thought if I was going to die I’m going down stairs and have a piece of that cheesecake first. he he he he Seriously, I thought that!

Later that day my bff, my dad and I rode up to Etowah Tennessee looking for some big, old junk place my dad remembered seeing some years ago. It was a beautiful drive with lots of “See Rock City” signs. The mountains are gorgeous any time of the year.We found the place but it had long since closed :-/

On Thursday, we again took a picnic lunch and went to Ft. Mountain State Park where we did quite a bit of hiking.


We even saw a real, live bear in the wild! Kind of scary—I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I could not believe it! He took one look at us and turned and ran! Must of been that big walking stick my bff was carrying. LOL

On Friday, we went to Blue Ridge—can’t come to the mountains without going to Blue Ridge! We found a really cool new shop called Bella Euphoria [their website simply does not do the store justice!] — looked like something you might see in Virginia Highlands or midtown. I saw an opera clutch there that I really, really liked but it was $95 😮 It was made out of the pop tops of Coke cans—really cool! We had lunch at Repaz on Main—they have a new chef but it was still great as usual!

On top of all this we went for walks around the cabin and picked wild blackberries 🙂

This morning, we got up, had breakfast and are just now heading home as I write. It  was a good week. I will miss Ellijay. I think we might be back there in the fall [October] but then we will be staying at the farm and that will be a bit different. Actually, we might be back in August for a First 100. Then we might be back at the cabin for Christmas again this year—that will be nice 🙂

We will arrive home this afternoon just in time to get Sari Beri all ready for 2 weeks of CIT camp at The Wilds. It’s going to be awful quiet around the house for 2 weeks. We are going to miss her so much! She returns on July 4.


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