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42-day Challenge: RED

Picture 2Date: 8/30/09

Notes: The difference in the appearance of the 3 brew types is remarkable. So much so that I had to document it with a photograph. [see below] The aroma varies from distinctive floral notes in the drip to more citrusy notes in the shot. A LOT of citrus going on in the FLAVOR of the drip though. Like a burst of grapefruit in my mouth! I’m really picking up the citrus on the tip of my tongue. Still, I am so totally amazed at how much I enjoy the drip of most of these coffees over that of the press. That seems to be a recurring theme of this 42-day challenge that I would have never expected.



42-day Challenge: Caffe Verona

veronaDate: 8/28/09

Notes: I find it totally intriguing that I do the Caffe Verona as part of the challenge the very day after doing Yukon, seeing that Verona is 80% Yukon. The first coffee tasting I ever did was with Verona ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll never forget the experience!

Just comparing the looks of the 3 I see 3 totally different coffees. The crisp cleanness of the drip , the subtle body of the press and that beautiful tale tale sign of the crema on the shot. The press longs to be accompanied by a piece of delicious dark chocolate. The drip longs for milk chocolate. The shot can stand on its own and needs nothing to accompany it. The shot quickly becomes bitter. The press is most enjoyable. I LOVE MY JOB!

42-day Challenge: Yukon

yuknoDate: 8/27/09

Notes: Expected something “magical”, after all, it’s organic ๐Ÿ™‚ I was not disappointed! Each step: the drip, the press and then the shot is a step further into the realm of the unknown. The coffee is well balanced, acidity is medium at best. I picture myself curled up with a good book sipping Yukon on a chilly winter afternoon. Then I picture the sailors for whom this blend was created toiling away with their nets and catch only to be rewarded with a hearty cup of this smooth brew. I love the bear ๐Ÿ™‚

42 day Challenge: Anniversary Blend

anniversaryDate: 8/26/09

Notes: Anniversary Blend is like a deep, dark, mysterious woman! The spiciness of the aroma tickles my nose ๐Ÿ™‚ Reminds me of being lost far back in a damp cave. Very low acidity- flavors linger onย my tongue. Citrus? Is that citrus? Where didย that come from? [in the drip] More spice in the press and lots of spice yet not a hint of bitterness in the shot. A pleasant, extra bold experience.

42-day Challenge: Kenya

ken_aDate: 8/21/09

Notes: The aroma from the drip and press just hit you in the face: FLORAL! I even used my own personal “Aroma Lab”– a beautiful bouquet of flowers my bff brought me for our anniversary, and the flowers had NOTHING on the Kenya! From the shot I got more of the citrusy essence. Lovely coffee! Complex, yet the acidity lends itself to a bright clean finish in my mouth. Finished off the press with a warm slice of Very Berry Coffee Cake ๐Ÿ™‚

42-day Challenge: Ethiopia Sidamo

sid_aDate: 8/19/09

Notes: “Expecting a burst of floral & lemony goodness.” was my first thought. I was not disappointed! The lemon REALLY came through in the aroma of the press. The drip and shot– not so much. WoW! I am blown away by the lemon in the flavor of the drip. Did not get that AT ALL in the aroma. What a pleasant surprise. Low acidity– flavor lingers on my tongue and in my mouth. My thoughts turn to the iced lemon pound cake and then a friend mentions Sam’s lemon cheesecake – YUM! What a perfect compliment to this wonderful coffee.

42-day Challenge: House Blend

hou_aDate: 8/17/09

Notes: The acidity is more present in the drip then the press or shot. The flavor backs this up as the drip leaves little or no aftertaste but both the press and most definitely the shot linger for a moment on the tongue. Very balanced. No one certain flavor hits me– just a very good coffee. Not my favorite, but good. I vote for replacing Pike Place Roast as the everyday coffee at SBUX with House Blend ๐Ÿ™‚

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