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42-day Challenge: Italian Roast

ita_aDate: 9/14/09

Notes: Funny that a Latin American blend would be called “Italian” Roast– just doesn’t seem right. What a RICH coffee! The aroma is intense, not at all smoky as I expected, like French Roast. Has a high acidity– the flavor lingers long in my mouth. The flavor lingers in my mouth longer than any coffee I can recall. This is odd, but after a few minutes it reminds me of when we used to have to lick postage stamps– now I’m dating my self! LOL 🙂


42-day Challenge: French Roast

fre_aDate: 9/15/09

Notes: You really don’t expect this smoky goodness from a Latin American coffee. I’m getting the aroma of a very ripe piece of cheese and some mushrooms. Really tasting this coffee on the very tip of my tongue. I remember when I did my very first tasting with French Roast, Starbucks’ darkest roast, about a year ago and I hated it! My palate was not trained to distinguish the sometimes not so subtle differences in coffees as it is now– just a side note. The shot is almost bitter, but a good kind of bitter– almost a tartness. I am really not picking up on as much “smokiness” as I expected from this coffee.

42-day Challenge: Gazebo

gazebo2Date: 9/11/09

Notes: This coffee is so rich and elegant that there’s even crema around the rim of the cup from the press. The aroma lends itself to a citrus note, of course. However, I think I’m almost picking up on some “woodsy” in the press. I wouldn’t really tag it earthy, but definitely woodsy. Very low acidity. I’m really not picking up on as much citrusy in the flavor as I expected- ODD I know :-/

42-day Challenge: Komoda Dragon

kom_aDate: 9/10/09

Notes: Komodo Dragon is a blend. Before grinding the beans I immediately notice the different bean sizes. Even the smell of the grinds is intoxicating! I am so totally prepared for a BIG BOLD punch in the mouth! Ahhh… the body! The creama on the shot is so rich and think it creeps up the sides of the cup. Definitely getting some citrus in the aroma. WoW! Lots of citrus in the flavor of the drip. Not so much in the press. The press is more earthy– I expected that. Bold but very low acidity. Not much left on the tongue. Would be a great coffee following a hearty meal.

42-day Challenge: Organic Shade Grown Mexico

omx_aDate: 9/10/09

Notes: lite, lively body – very lite! The crema on the shot is thick, covering the entire top. Not a great deal of difference between the drip and the press. The press, of course, presents more of the natural oils from the bean but doesn’t seem to be that much more bold in its aroma or flavor. The word that comes to mind here is “SNAP”, crisp, fresh, reFRESHing! I can see me sipping this coffee on a summer morning with breakfast on the patio 🙂

42-day Challenge: Rwanda

RwandaDate: 9/4/09

Notes: This is a seasonal, African coffee from the country of… where else RWANDA– good guess! Really picking up on the herbal notes in the aroma of all three brew types. WOW! The flavor is screaming at me “ORANGE”! So odd that the aroma and the flavor are sending such mixed signals– maybe not. A lot of body going on here and a lot of taste hitting the tip of my tongue. Would be a GREAT after dinner coffee!

Side Note: When Rwanda first came out [just a couple of months ago] the bags were printed “BOLD” and the stickers were printed “MEDIUM”. It’s actually a medium coffee– the stickers were right 🙂

42-day Challenge: RED

Picture 2Date: 8/30/09

Notes: The difference in the appearance of the 3 brew types is remarkable. So much so that I had to document it with a photograph. [see below] The aroma varies from distinctive floral notes in the drip to more citrusy notes in the shot. A LOT of citrus going on in the FLAVOR of the drip though. Like a burst of grapefruit in my mouth! I’m really picking up the citrus on the tip of my tongue. Still, I am so totally amazed at how much I enjoy the drip of most of these coffees over that of the press. That seems to be a recurring theme of this 42-day challenge that I would have never expected.


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