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I have a new hat for work that I ordered from the coffeegear site. Cost me more to have it shipped than the actual hat itself cost AND it took a WEEK to get here via UPS ground! I’m not really sure why they didn’t just drop it in the USPS mail. It would have gotten here in 2 days and cost 1/2 as much probably. I guess that’s BIG business, IDK. Anyway, this is a visor, so now I’ve ditched the pigtails for a messy bun 🙂 cute!

Weight Watchers last night didn’t go too well. I wasn’t really expecting it to. Basically, I’ve gained 14 lb. since I started working at Starbucks 5 months ago. Oh, it hasn’t all been “Starbucks”, there was Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, a lack of exercise, and just simply falling back into some of my old “not-so-good-for-you” eating habits :-/ YIKES! 14 lbs.

On my way home from the weigh-in a lot of thoughts went through my mind. Would I go back? I don’t have to. Would I just continue down this path to 170? Maybe I don’t “need” to go back, I know what to do… and on and on and on. By the time my head hit the pillow last night I had decided what to do. I told myself 4 years ago when I first joined WW that when [not if] I got to this point I’d start going to weekly meetings again– they’re kind of like a pep rally, he he. I’ve already had to do that once. So I decided last night that I would once again start going to weekly meetings, and this time I’ll have to pay, but probably just for the first week or maybe 2. But I’d rather pay $$ and get back on track than to pay with my healthy lifestyle that I’ve become accustom too and feel comfortable with.

So, today I started counting points again. I got back on the treadmill. And I’m thinking of setting some new race goals. Possibly the Silver Comet Trail 10K in March being the first. It’s nice and flat and would give me a time for Peachtree in July. I’d like to think I could at least do the ING 1/2 marathon in March as well– I knew a long time ago that the full was out. I did the first 2 and I’m somewhat disappointed with myself for not keeping it up :-/ Oh well, we just won’t think about that.

So here we go again… 🙂 actually, I feel pretty good about it.


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