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Apple Backs Energy-Saving Universal Phone Charger

The European Commission (EC) announced today that 10 mobile phone manufacturers and chip producers, including Apple, have signed up to an initiative designed to cut down on electronic waste and improve energy efficiency through the production of standardized mobile phone chargers.

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2 NEW coffees, 1 returning favorite at Starbucks

Picture 1Starbucks [RED] is an incredible blend of East African coffees that delicately balances a gentle acidity with complex floral and citrus notes.

Gazebo Blend served hot is crisp and clean with floral, fruity notes that flit across yourPicture 2 tongue like blossoms blowing in a summer breeze. When iced, its tanginess takes on an almost effervescent acidity that culminates in a juicy, mouth-watering finish.

Picture 3Connoisseurs around the world clamor for the unique flavors of Rwandan coffee. Savor the sweet orange notes and delicate herbal nuances in beans plucked at the peak of flavor.

The Return of Treat Receipt

The Treat Receipt is Starbuck version of Happy Hour and beginning June 30 through September starbucks-banana-java-chip29, customers who make any purchase before 2 p.m. at participating stores can return the same day after 2 p.m., present their receipt and purchase any Grande (16 fl. oz) cold drink for only $2 (plus tax if applicable).  So, when you make your next purchase before 2 p.m., remember to save your receipt, so you can return to Starbucks and enjoy great savings and a refreshing cold beverage.

Is Google Wave ‘The Email of the Future?’


If only as a developer preview, Google on Thursday revealed what it’s billing as “the email of the future.”

Named Google Wave, the experimental project is the result of a multiyear initiative to reinvent digital communication by blending e-mail, instant messaging, and content sharing into something resembling a cross between Twitter, Facebook, and your standard email platform.

Google Wave, which is expected to be released later this year, will “combine conversation-type communication and collaboration-type communication,” Lars Rasmussen, a software engineering manager at Google and the project’s co-founder, said during the Google I/O conference on Thursday.

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photo0629Here we sit at another chemo treatment – the third. I pray my mom does as well this go round as she did the last. Please put her on your prayer list for this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Those will most likely be her worse days.

She’s gotten so creative with her beautiful head ware that I’ve decided to take a pic of her in each different one over the coming months and make a book of the photos at the end of treatment 🙂

If everything goes well she should be finished with all of the chemo by the end of October and have some hair growing back by Christmas. What a Christmas present!

Firefox 3DOT5 Will Arrive Tuesday June 30 – Webmonkey

Firefox 3DOT5 Will Arrive Tuesday June 30 – Webmonkey

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Debate: Can the Internet handle big breaking news?

It happens time and time again: when news breaks, the Internet slows.

It’s quite obvious at this point that the Internet has muscled its way into the lives of anyone who needs information. And Michael Jackson’s death Thursday had as great an impact on the Internet as anything in the history of the medium that didn’t involve the World Trade Center.

The statistics are amazing: Akamai said worldwide Internet traffic was 11 percent higher than normal during the peak hours between 3 p.m. PDT and 4 p.m., when news of Jackson’s death was breaking. That traffic forced even Google to its knees for a brief period of time Thursday afternoon.

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