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GREAT 8-mile run. Didn’t sleep well at all last night but made the run anyway. Felt good considering. Will run another 5 tomorrow and 2 laps around the Rock on Saturday (10 miles) to round off the week with 35 miles. A pick up from the previous 25-mile weeks of the past. Got to do more stretching!



6 miles. OK run. Walked some :-[ I think this antibiotic is draining my strength. I still have a lot of drainage and either that or the antibiotic is upsetting my stomach. Slept VERY well last night even w/o drugs. Tomorrow will be an off day with 8 miles on Thursday, 5 on Friday, and 2 laps around the Rock on Saturday.

BUYER BEWARE! of Hallmark

If you purchase a “seasonal” item from Hallmark better be sure you like it because you cannot get your $$ back. This is not posted anywhere in their stores (that I have seen) and they don’t tell you this at checkout. I purchased a Christmas item in November and went to return it 2 days later — still November, and SURPRISE! No can do! I could understand if this was December 26th but it’s not, it’s NOVEMBER 27th. They could resell this item a hundred times over between now and Christmas!


6 miles, good run this a.m. A little residual soreness left in the back of my thighs from the 1/2 marathon that didn’t show up until I was well into the run. My stomach was upset by something I ate last night I suspect. But all in all, a good run.

It is difficult to eat good recovery nutrition on Thanksgiving day and the bad eating habit spilled over into the weekend. + I have not stretched like I should. All of this has caught up with me — thus the residual soreness from the 1/2 marathon. I’ll try to do better…

Official Chip Time Atalnta 1/2 Marathon

me 2:05:41 166 out of 405 in my age category
my running partner 1:58:28 107 out of 363 in her age category



GREAT 1/2 marathon!

In the past, I’ve always had trouble sleeping the night before races. The anticipation and fear that I will over sleep get the best of me and keep me awake most of the night it seems. So, I rolled the dice and took a chance yesterday and got up EXTRA early (about 4:30). I had a lot to do anyhow so I got a jump on that and I thought that maybe it would help me sleep better. IT WORKED! I slept GREAT last night except for a couple of times when I woke up coughing — not much I could do about that. I will add this to my normal race routine.

My best friend took me and my running partner to the race and dropped us off and then picked us up at the finish line. That took a lot of the pressure off of me — I hate to get lost downtown! I was like totally relaxed for the race and it was GREAT!

I used a Jeff Galloway chart that tells me what to wear according to the temp and wore more than I normally would. That worked well too.

There were so many people running this race (I haven’t heard an official number) that it was 45 seconds after the start before we even got to move and 2 minutes and 45 seconds before we got to even slightly pick up the pace to a very light jog. We were dodging people the whole way. At one point a man in front of me dropped his hat and STOPPED to bend down to get it. I ALMOST played an unintentional game of LEAP FROG!

My “unofficial” time ended up being 2:08. I haven’t seen the chip time yet. I would assume it would be a little less, maybe even by a couple of minutes or so. I was hoping for 2 hours but all in all am VERY PLEASED with 2:08. My running partner finished ahead of me by a few minutes but still a little over 2 hours.

I wondered after the race, “Could I do this twice? double?” Marathon… YES, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… Remember the little train :~)

It was a GREAT RACE. Probably won’t run it next year. My running partner will more than likely be in KC. MAYBE, just MAYBE I can talk my best friend into running it with me. It’s really a pretty easy run, minus that “Heartbreak Hill”.

Will take tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday off and run 5 on Monday.


I finished a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection a week and a half ago and was feeling much better. I had a week of headaches after getting off that and the decongestents I was on. I guess the sinus infection never did really go away — I just got to feeling better. Now, it’s back with a vengeance! I took the prescribed decongestents yesterday and this morning but don’t want to take any more before the race because I fear it might leave me dehydrated. I will try to go without it tomorrow. I called my doctor this morning and she sent me out another round of antibiotics. She said a lot of times it takes more then one round to get rid of a sinus infection. I picked it up today, because of the holiday, but don’t plan to start taking it until after the race on Thanksgiving so that there are not any unwanted side effects that hamper my efforts in the race. It’s going to be tough enough running with the way I’m feeling now — I don’t need any more disadvantages. Hopefully, I won’t get to feeling any worse than I do now before the race.

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