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The last day of August. 8 months of 2007 in the wash and what have we done with it?  Just a thought…

3 miles on the mill this a.m. The knee doesn’t really hurt but feels tight, as if it might be swollen. I might get on the mill or go for a walk tomorrow. Sunday will be an off day. The U.S. 10K is on Monday — can’t wait!!!

WW last night was not too too bad, not as bad as I expected. I felt like I’d gained 10 lbs. but it was only 4.4 since last month. However, over the last 20 months I have gained that many lbs. [20] I’ve hit my topping out point and the plan in the back of my mind has always been that if I ever got to this point I would start attending weekly meetings again until I get back to a reasonable weight.

So, I stayed for the meeting last night. It was nice, a whole new group of people than the last time I stayed, of course — that was a long, long time ago. I didn’t recognize anyone, even the instructor is new although I have met her at weigh-ins before. It was good to have the refresher. I got the week 1 materials again — they are different. I’ll read over them this week. I have to drop .4 lb., [that’s 4/10 of a lb.] before next Thursday’s meeting or I’ll have to pay 😮 I don’t see that being a problem.

I’m not beating myself up over this, it’s not defeat. I just had some parameters that weren’t unreasonable and I’ve reached the limits of those parameters. I had a plan for that and so now the plan kicks in… No problem.

I’m looking forward to seeing the lbs. drop each week, being a healthier me, and enjoying the meetings.

The BONUS = this will probably take a good deal of the pressure off my knee and I’ll be in better shape for the Thanksgiving 1/2 marathon. It’s a win win situation all around.


Ode to BIG Tom

This the MASSIVE stack of QT cups he left behind [he LOVES that place]!

Ode to BIG Tom

This is the sign he left hanging on his bedroom door. He’s so concerned that I’m going to redecorate. Don’t worry BT, it will be a while before I get to that 🙂


And this is his beloved Sock Monkey, left laying on the floor of his room [looks like a bound captive]. I’m not sure why he didn’t take Sock Monkey with him. hummm….



5 GLORIOUS miles on the mill! The knee bothered me a bit but not like it had been — not like is was getting ready to come apart!

Officially released from the chiropractor yesterday so we will see how it goes from here. May have to go back for one more visit next week after the U.S. 10K.

I am SO SO SO excited about Monday’s race!

OK, so TODAY, BT IMs me and he needs his truck. You know, all those little trips to and from the airport… OH, NO, WAIT… he wants a MOTORCYCLE! A motorcycle he can park right outside his dorm…

Somehow, my faith is BIG enough to put him in a plane, but NOT BIG enough to put him on a motorcycle — explain that!?!

You’re killing me TB!

Tonight I will go to WW and it’s NOT going to be pretty. As a matter of fact, it might even cost me. That’s probably one reason my knee has been aggravated. I’m sure it will help to take some weight off. So, I’ll probably stay for the meeting — haven’t done that in a long, long time. And, I’ll probably start going to weekly meetings again, at least for a while — maybe like 3 months or so 😮 We’ll see…


3 miles on the mill. The knee felt better, feels like it’s getting stronger, and I go to the chiropractor again today — one last time I think, this go around. Will see…

Toyed with the idea of running more than 3 this a.m. but held off. Will probably run 4 or more tomorrow and just see how it goes. Tomorrow’s schedule calls for 10 and Saturday’s for 15 but that’s not going to happen. At this rate I’m saving it for Monday’s U.S. 10K and hoping to have a good run there 🙂


Ok, well at this rate I feel like I really should start a whole new Blog entitled The Sagas of BT.

Today [mid a.m.] he IM me and said he couldn’t find his logbook. Now, next to the plane itself, a pilot’s logbook is the last thing he wants to loose.

I can read the headlines [10 years from now], “UPS Pilot Looses Plane – Can’t Remember Where He Parked It!”

I went home, searched the house, the living room [that’s practically where BT lived] – I looked under the couch, pulled the cushions off, pulled out the bed — it’s a sleeper, under the entertainment center, the other chairs in the living room, searched BOTH his desks — YES, he has 2! Searched his room — that was an ordeal in itself. Searched the guest bedroom [his weights are in there so I just thought…] Anywho, no logbook. On my way back to work he TM me and says, “Look in my truck”

So, I turn around, go back to the house and search the truck. No logbook.

I TM back, “Do you want me to call Pan Pacific?” [where he took flight lessons] “Yes” he says. So, back to the office to get their number and I call them. They will look for it and call me back. I seriously didn’t expect to hear back from them. I figured if they had it they would have called by now, it’s been a week since he last flew.

Sure enough, in about 30 minutes they call back and have located the logbook – PRAISE THE LORD!!! I didn’t ask “how” or “where”, just said I’d be right over to get it.

So before I leave I IM BT to say I’ve found it and does he need it next day air or will 2 days be OK? He didn’t respond to his IM so I told him to call or TM me I was on the way to get the logbook and then to the PO.

I picked it up at Pan Pacific and headed to the PO. Still no word from BT as to how soon he had to have it. I hang out at the PO a few minutes, TM BT a couple of times, try to call him — no response. He doesn’t get a signal for his phone in the dorm room. Finally, he TM back — 2 days.

WHEW! Good thing because over night was $16+ I sent it priority for $4+

OK… that’s a wrap for this saga. Wonder what the next will be?


3 miles on the mill. Knee pain at the 1/2 mile mark– I trudged on…

Looking forward to Monday’s U.S. 10K, one of the best 10Ks of the year. Extreme hills, but at this point I relish the hills — BRING ‘EM ON! It’s the one time my knee doesn’t hurt. What a HOOT! I used to HATE the hills, now I’m saying, “bring ’em on!”

The U.S. 10K also has the best after party of ANY race I’ve been too, thanks largely in part to Publix — a HUGE sponsor. If you’ve been in a Publix store lately you’ve probably seen advertisement and applications for the race.

Talked to BT yesterday. He poked himself in the eye with the shower head. I TOLD YOU HE WAS TALL! No seriously, the shower heads up there are somewhat low. I remember thinking that one time when I was up there staying in the dorms– assuming the guys dorm showers are the same as the girls. AND I’M NOT EVEN TALL! He said he didn’t know what really tall people do — poked himself in the eye with the shower head… ha ha ha LOL! That’s a GOOD ONE BT!


Saturday I ran a quick 2 miles and then knee pain returned. So, I just quit. Today I ran 3, same pain. It’s even starting to hurt up into my hip and lower back. I’m getting pretty fed up with this and don’t know which direction to go. I’ve seen the chiropractor 3 times and have a 4th appointment on Wednesday. That doesn’t seem to be helping. We are supposed to do a 15-miler of Saturday but I’m sure that’s not going to happen. I’m considering seeing a sports med dr but I’m not sure where to go for that since I’ve never seen on. I’d go see my regular PCP but I don’t have one of those right now — need to find a good one though.

I’m really not sure what to do. I don’t want to take any extended time off from running but I may end up having to do that. I just don’t know. And I guess that’s what bothers me the most, the not knowing…

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