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The last day of May, five months into the year 2008 gone already.

Slept with the boot on all night last night. Funny how some nights it’s really uncomfortable and irritating and some night it’s not a problem.

3 miles on the mill this a.m. then off to Starbucks to meet Bobby, Laura and Nicholas as they head back to sunny Florida. Oh how I wish I could go with them!

Had the boys remove everything except the weight bentch and weights from the guest bedroom so I could begin painting.

Planted my 2 BETTER BOY tomato plants in containers– going to try my hand at “container gardening” this year. I was after BIG BOY tomatoes but the BETTER BOY ones looked… well… BETTER 🙂

Just put my famous 10-egg Key Lime Pound Cake in the oven for an hour and 45 minutes and about to get started snapping a boatload of FRESH green beans. Both of these are for a party tomorrow afternoon at our friends the Flemming’s home.

Getting it done today!

Got the results of my blood work back. When in tonight to pick up a copy and saw the doctor. Everything is great! He explained that my HDL is higher than normal but that’s GOOD [that’s your GOOD cholesterol]. He said it was commendable 🙂 [LDL 80 HDL 66] And the thyroid thing that I was concerned about is a non-issue.



Last evening we attended Sari Beri’s violin recital and I’ll have to say, for as little as she practices, she was AMAZING. I think she was close to, if not, perfect. For sure she was one of the top three students at the recital– the other two being older students, probably with more experience. Her daddy even commented on the way home that he didn’t know she could play that well :-/ KEEP IT UP SARI BERI!!!

This morning I had an appointment with my doctor for a physical– first one I’ve had in probably about three years :-/ I really think all this stuff about annual physicals is a bunch of malarkey! My grate grandmother never did that! I guess it’s a good idea for old people and people with health problems but like the doctor said, I am “Blessedly Healthy”! But I bowed under pressure of the family and went anyway. I’m always afraid that I’ll get some disease like cancer, and I should have gone to the doctor but I didn’t, and they won’t catch it in time and everyone will be mad at me for dying. So I went. I really, really, really don’t like the blood work part– they usually have a difficult time finding a vain in me, but the nurse that did that did an EXCELLENT job and I hardly felt a thing. I was somewhat concerned because I had to go fasting and my appointment wasn’t until 10:00 a.m. It was probably more like 11:00 before they did blood work and I was concerned that my blood sugar might drop and they’d be picking me up off the floor– it wouldn’t be the first time :-/ But that didn’t happen this time. Then I promptly gobbled down a banana 🙂

I’ve been w/o a personal doctor for a few years now, ever since the one I had [which I liked SO very much] left to go work in the Air Force. However, when I was sick a couple of months ago after the marathon I was forced to find one quick and I found Dr. Estes and I really like him. He’s young, quite personable, easy to talk to and AMERICAN 🙂 He said I was his easiest physical to date. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, I eat good, not over weight, take my vitimins, exercise, etc., etc., etc. The only health negative in my family history is my mother’s high blood pressure and I obviously didn’t inherit that– usually they have a difficult time even finding mine. Today it was 116 over 74 or something like that– and THAT was probably high for me because I was so nervous about going to the doctor :-/ NO, I was nervous about the blood work 😮 He couldn’t believe I had a daughter old enough to be married– FUNNY! Anywho… They did an EKG and check exray, Don’t think I’d ever had either one of those done. And as long as the blood work comes back clean I’m in excellent shape– physically anywho… they didn’t say anything about the mental part. HA HA HA HA HA…


An obituary in today’s paper for Bridget, place by the family.

“LINZEY, Anna Bridget Praise God, from whom all blessings flow…. On Monday, May 26, 2008, Anna Bridget Linzey stepped boldly and happily into Heaven. Anna was known as Bridget by all those who loved her. Born July 26, 1944 to William Adel Brim and Lola Brim, Bridget married Bobby Lee Linzey on January 28, 1967. Bridget had a long and beautiful life which is evident by those who she left behind. She is survived by her husband, Bobby; daughters, Laura and Anna; grandchildren, Nicholas, Serena, Jackson and William; sister Pat, and brother Wally. We praise God that Bridget is home with those that preceded her in death. She is now “absent from the body, present with the Lord.” Ingram Funeral Home & Crematory, Cumming, Georgia will be in charge of arrangements.”

I am SO SO SO SO tired! It was another late late night and last night the boot was so uncomfortable. I ended up taking it off about 3:00 a.m. I was up at 5:30 to make BIGGER Tom’s lunch then back in the bed until 9:00 😮

Today is going to be another busy, go go go kind of day. There’s a trip to the P.O. to ship some Ebay packages, then our first “driving lesson”. After that it’s off to the cleaners and Sam’s for shopping and gas, and I’m sure there will be a Sbucks stop in there somewhere :/ prob should be first thing if I’m going to make it through all that. Ah…. but the day doesn’t end there. Sari Beri has her violin recital tonight.

The viewing and graveside service yesterday was very touching, well-organized, well-attended and a blessing I believe [especially the graveside service] to all who attended. Kudos to my two cousins who did their mother’s makeup and hair– they did a great job and she looked beautiful. I don’t think I could have done that. There were lots of beautiful flowers, they just kept flowing in during the viewing, from loved ones and people that Bridget’s life had touched– even an arrangement from President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. At the graveside the songs she requested were sung and played beautifully and fittingly. My running partner’s CPA did an excellent job singing a solo [“It Will Be Worth it All”] as always– he has an AMAZING voice! And Sari Beri did a wonderful job on her violin piece [“An Unclouded Day”]. Both of them only had the music for about 24 hours so kudos to you two too– LOOK I got all three to two and toos in one sentence! And the song we all sang, “Lord, I’m Coming Home” was beautiful as well. A message of hope and encouragement was given reminding us never to say we have “lost” Bridget– she is NOT LOST. We know where she is and we know we will see her again. Even one of our own assistant pastors made the long trip and had a part in the service. That was really very nice. As we arrived at the graveside I made the comment that it wasn’t windy and that was a good thing becasue I was concerned about Sari Beri’s music staying on her stand [even though we did bring clips] and her stand staying standing. It really wasn’t windy, until she put the music on the stand! Then there was this big gust of wind and the wind just picked up and kept blowing while she was playing and practiacally during the whole service. Fortunately, my running partner’s CPA was right there to help Sari Beri keep her music on the stand and the stand standing and he held the music as she played. Towards the end of the service light sprinkles began to fall as if tears were falling from Heaven. Tears of joy I am sure — Bridget is at last free of pain and happy to be home with her Lord.

I though afterwords, as I sat on the sofa at Bob’s home, that Bridget had laid here just a week ago. And again this morning, when I awoke, my thought turned to her and I thought Bridget went to the hospital just today a week ago. It hard to believe she’s gone and we shall surely miss her just as we have missed so many family members that have gone on before her. They are all in Heaven today rejoicing with Christ, rejoicing at Bridget’s arrival and awaiting ours 🙂 “It Will Be Worth it All, When We See Christ!”

The meal at Bob’s after the graveside service was delicious! I did just fine until dessert was served :O It wasn’t a very good points day after that but, oh well… tomorrow’s another day and I don’t get my momma’s cake very often, right?

Well… I’d better go and get ready for the long and busy day ahead.

Oh, I should definitely report that my running partner had her first BIG test after a month+ of classes in her year-long journey to becoming a Personal Fitness Trainer. Her grade? a mere 111! WoW! Couldn’t you’ve don’t better than that! he he he AMAZING!

Icing my foot…

BRUSSELS 19-20 June 2008 Slovenia hosts final summit of its European Union presidency

In December Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel predicted that the “complicated processes” attached to the Kosovo dispute with Serbia and Russia “will be concluded by the end of our presidency.” If he is right, the European Union leaders at this last summit of Slovenia’s EU presidency will be free to move on to other priorities, the chief of which is ratification into force of the Lisbon Treaty that EU leaders signed in December.

The Lisbon Treaty replaces the European Constitution that was rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005. After these rejections, EU governments decided to use the parliamentary route rather than risky popular votes to ratify the replacement accord. Most member states will attempt to push it through by the end of Jun 2008. The effort is expected to meet barriers in Britain, France, the Netherlands and Ireland, so Slovenia’s hope of having it wrapped up before it hands the EU presidency to France is in doubt. Slovenia pledged to ratify the treaty in Jan 2008 as an example-setting move.

The new accord sets the foundation for wide-reaching internal reforms in the bloc, and ratification by member states will bring it into effect in Jan 2009. The accord creates a permanent EU president, a “foreign minister” – known as the High Representative for Foreign Affairs – scraps 55 national vetoes and gives new legal authority for the bloc to sign international treaties.

Slovenia’s other priorities as EU president include arguing Turkey’s case for EU membership against stiff resistance from France and several other member countries, moving forward on EU energy and climate change policy and accelerating the EU pre-accession process for the Western Balkans.


3 fast miles on the mill early a.m. Icing my foot. Slept good with the boot last night. Lots to do today.


“ANNA BRIDGET LINZEY, 63, of Cumming died Monday. Graveside service, 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sawnee View Memorial Gardens; Ingram Funeral Home.
Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 5/27/2008.”

The viewing for Bridget is at Ingram’s on Ingram Road in Cumming [straight up 400] and begins at 11:00 a.m. We’ve got to drop by Bob’s house first to leave some of the food for the meal this afternoon so, we will all leave here about 8:30 a.m. and hope not to hit a bunch of traffic. Will probably make a Starbucks run on the way up– it’s the last Wednesday in May for the FREE Pike Place blend coffee offer.

My cousins bought a Honeybaked ham and made potato salad, fruit salad and tea. Bridget’s life-time best friend, Meg, is bringing the papergoods. My mom made a cake 1/2 covered in chocolate frosting and 1/2 covered in caramel frosting– she’s GOT to please everyone 🙂 and she also will being fresh strawberry shortcake. I’ve got the whipping cream. Last night I baked a boatload of heart-shaped biscuits and a HUGE pot of fresh green beans. Had to have something GREEN. I expect there will be about 25 of us there for the meal. OH, and I made Key Lime butter and Orange butter to accompany the biscuits 🙂 I’ll bring some regular butter as well.

First however, we’ve got to get through the viewing and the graveside service at Swanee View Memorial Gardens at 2:00. Our long-time friend, Kent Richards, will do the service– that was Bridget’s request. She also had three songs that she wanted played or sung. She had all this planned out and written down. She was ready to go home. The first song is “It Will Be Worth it All” or sometimes called “When We See Christ”. Chris will sing this song. The second song, “The Unclouded Day” or sometimes called “The Uncloudy Day” Sari will play on her violin. Both of them JUST got the music yesterday so pray for them! The third, “Lord, I’m Coming Home” we will all sing together. I printed the words and music to that song on some pretty pink paper. Pink was Bridget’s favorite color.

If you are reading this today, please pray for us.


Another fitting tribute to Bridget who went home to be with the Lord at 5:30 this morning.

It’s been a tough 3+ days for our family, in particular my Uncle Bobby and my cousins, Laura and Anna. Much of the burden for decision making have been on Laura and Anna’s shoulders and I know they’ve only just begun a long road of decision making over the coming weeks and months. One can only take one step at a time and God gives us light, wisdom, grace and mercy for each step.

In my hast to pack things up at the hospital last night I left behind my laptop power cord. Fortunately, I have someone looking after me and my cousin has it 🙂 I’ll swing by the office today and pick up my spare until I meet up with her later this week.

I saw the 136’s this morning and completed the first 1/2 of my 12 week journey back to the size 4. The first 6 weeks resulted in -7.4 lb. I was hoping for 10 but 7.4 is good, especially since I’ve cut back my running schedule. I’ve prepared my journals for the next six weeks [weeks 7-12] and that will carry me into the July 4 holiday– PEACHTREE!!! The “reward trip” to the Mall of America was supposed to be coming up this Thursday but it got pushed off to the middle of June because of my Running Partner’s work schedule and it’s a good thing because now we may be going to my aunt’s funeral– don’t know any details yet.

Oh, and and update on the boot. I didn’t get in bed last night until well after 2:00 a.m. [this morning actually]. I was SO worn out and tired, I put the boot on and it was so irritating and uncomfortable, as it was the previous night, that about 4:00 I took it off. I just felt like right now I needed my sleep more than I needed that stupid boot on my foot 😮

3 miles on the mill late a.m.


This is our third day of sitting at the bedside of my Aunt Bridget at Northside-Forsyth Hospital. My Uncle Bobby is here; they have been live-partners for 44+ years. Next January would be 45. They are both Christians, so they know where they are going after they leave this earth- “…absent of the body, present with the Lord…” so that is a GREAT comfort! Other family members are here too, her sister and brother — my mom being the sister, her two daughters and various other family members including her brother’s family and some of my family members– my bff and daughters and my running partner’s CPA. They called the family in on Friday saying she probably had 48 hours. Now they say 24 possibly. Her breathing is labored approximately 24 breaths per-minute, just as it’s been for the past couple of days.

Bridget has been in constant pain for the past 29 years with different medical conditions including Fibromyalgia and complications from some difficult surgeries. She’s very special to me for many reasons, one being that she took such good care of me when I was a young mother with three small children and my own parents lived out of state. I had no one to help me and many-a-time Bridget came to the rescue. I remember one time in particular when she went with me to take those three children to the pediatrician. My oldest, who was about six at the time and terrified of injections, had to have one on that day. Bridget held her in her lap while the nurse administered the injection and she KICKED Bridget 😮 I don’t think she did it on purpose, but I felt SO bad!

At this point it’s just a bedside vigil. As a family, we have been here before– with my grandmother in ’94, my grandfather years prior to that, and most recently with my bff’s parents. I don’t know what most families do in these cases but for us, we pretty much come together and campout and wait for the loved one’s passing. It’s a difficult time, but at the same time, it’s a sweet time of sharing memories and supporting one another. I am SO thankful for family; so thankful for MY family!

We are keeping the Starbucks across the street in business…

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