The difference between Guatemala Antigua and Guatemala Casi Cielo

You can tell a lot about a coffee if you know where it’s from, because every bean has a distinctive flavor particular to its land of origin. Coffees from Latin America are celebrated for their great balance, medium body and clean finish. Both of these coffees come from Guatemala’s Antigua Valley. Antigua is a lush green region in South Central Guatemala, nestled among three volcanoes. Its coffees are nurtured by farmers with vast knowledge and passion.

So, what’s the difference between Guatemala Antigua and Guatemala Casi Cielo? Both Latin American coffees [obviously], both cultivated high in  Guatemala’s Antigua Valley, both medium roast, “elegant” coffees, but with supple differences.

gua_aGuatemala Antigua, with it’s refined acidity, subtle cocoa texture and gentle spice flavors, is considered an elegant treasure. Care for some chocolate? This is a favorite coffee [as is Caffe Verona] to enjoy alongside a chocolate croissant or chocolate-dipped biscotti. Caramel and apples highlight Guatemala Antigua’s subtleties and bring out it’s spicy undertones. I think of this coffee as having a little hit of spicy undertones that Casi Cielo does not.

On the other hand, Guatemala Casi Cielo has amazing character and greatcasicielo_a2 depth of flavor. [It’s currently my favorite] It’s smooth and versatile to please a variety of tastes. Every sip begins with an elegant floral aroma and surprising lemony flourish, and finishes with deep, satisfying dark cocoa notes. The key term for this coffee is “Elegant”. With its remarkable depth and versatility, Guatemala Casi Cielo is perfect with a variety of dishes and desserts—particularly those containing savory herbs or cheeses, rich chocolate or berries. I think of Guatemala Casi Cielo, which by the way means “almost Heaven” in Spanish, as being a smoother more elegant coffee with a cleaner finish than it’s predecessor Guatemala Antigua.

So, what’s the difference? Guatemala Antigua- a hit of spicy undertones, great with chocolate, caramel and apples. Guatemala Casi Cielo- an elegantly smooth coffee with a clean finish, great with savory dishes as well as chocolates and berries. What coffee isn’t great with chocolate?

We have both available for sale at our store right now in the whole bean form. If you don’t own a grinder, you should! But we’ll happily grind it for free for you 🙂


3 Responses to “The difference between Guatemala Antigua and Guatemala Casi Cielo”

  1. 1 72ndsbuxman January 29, 2009 at 6:22 am

    you should defenitely be a coffee master by now speaking like this. Well done with the coffee knowledge. I follow your blog daily.

  2. 2 amie January 29, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    yaiy,i just bought guatemala casi cielo last friday…it was a great coffee,cant deny,in fact it is elegant…but i just wanna say this,arabian mocha timor is really awesome if you crazy for some magic in coffee,it’s totally different fro any other coffee i’ve tasted,it has loads of spicyness,just awesome,the spicyness makes you want more in a’s like a neck kiss,you’ll love it,really…I have passion on coffee,I’m a big fan of starbucks…i read loads of coffee books.i personally love coffee by french press…it has great depth of taste…hit me if you would like to share more about coffee…

    • 3 rico January 15, 2010 at 6:07 pm

      yes, i agree with you Partner, that Arabian Mocha Timor is totally different form other coffees, but Sumatra Coffee from indonesia, really hits my tasting profile which i consider as my most favorite coffee especially the spiciness and being strong coffee.

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